COTTO Opaque Polymer Grey Sandstone Water Storage Tank (1000lt)


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Sandstone Water Tank

  1. Made of opaque polymer elixir Non-lichen 100%
  2. Anti- rust for highest sanitation
  3. UV Stabilizer added, able to withstand UV level 8, preventing color fading and body brittleness
  4. Contains clean and uncontaminated water
  5. Body made of highly stable polymer, leaving no taste of odor
  6. First and third layers are polymer material, while the middle is synthesis material for increasing strength and toughness
  7. Entire body made of food grade material approved by FDA
  8. Fitting use brass spin welding technique
  9. Placed on the smooth surface and do not have to use the stand
  10. Internal (hidden) Piping
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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 93.8 × 93.8 × 182 cm