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    MYSOLAR Solar Water Heater System Series 3 MY-40

    Benefits of Solar Water Heater:
    • Safer usage & durable life spend. The system produce hot water by harvesting heat from the sun which then directly heats up the water in it, makes it less complicated in the design and electrocution-free during usage.
    • Reduced cost & usage of electricity. Solar energy is free, so you’ve only have to pay for the initial cost for the system installation, your monthly electric usage will reduce and cost of electricity will then decrease.
    • Lower carbon footprint & environmental friendly. Solar energy is an ecological friendly and renewable energy which can be reuse while reducing daily carbon emission which is one of the main causes of global warming.
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • 100% Rustproof
    • Australian Technology
    • BEFORE & AFTER Sales Service
    • Safety & Durable
    • Maintenance Free
    • Cost Saving
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