MIDEA Freestanding Dishwasher WQP12-5201B


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  • Freestanding installation
  • 7 Program Numbers
  • 2 Years Warranty
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Place our sleek-designed freestanding dishwasher in your kitchen wherever suitable and it looks great anywhere.

70℃ High-temp Intensive Wash
Highly effective for cleaning the heaviest soiled dishware and other utensils, and also quite efficient for eliminating 99.99% bacteria with temperature up to 70°C


Self-regulated Water Leak Protection System
Our water leak protection system with overflow float switch, regulates itself to detect and cut off any categories of water leakage, not allowing your kitchen to get dirty.


Flexible rack system, infinite loading flexibility
Allow you stack more categories of tableware, glassware, utensils and even cookware and makes loading and unloading so smooth.


Power-Off Memory, A Perfect Solution For Voltage Instability
Power-off Memory function can remember the unfinished wash cycle when there is a sudden power outage and continue the washing process when power is back on, without need to operate it again.


Self-cleaning for Easy Maintenance
Self-cleaning, 50-min high temperature (70°C) wash cycle for dishwasher itself, can consistently keep your dishwasher fresh and hygienic.


Anti-bacterial* Filter Inhibits 99.99% of Bacteria
4Our filter, employed anti-bacterial material, constantly inhibits micro-organism buildup inside the tub, ensuring a high level of health protection by inhibiting 99.99% of bacteria


Extra Drying Option
Extra drying can be added into certain wash cycles (Intensive, ECO, Glass and 90 min), and your dishware and even plastic dishes, with extra ordinary drying results


Half Load Option
A convenient and cost-eff effective solution for less tableware wash, especially for small families not using many dishes and bowls, with less water and energy consumption.


Child Lock Protection
Hold the F and 1/2 buttons for 3 seconds to lock or unlock the control panel, to effectively protect your children from unexpected accidents, like scalding by hot steam, and prevent dishwasher damages due to child’s mistakenly operating.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 85 cm